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滴水穿石 - Slow and Fast

4 minute read

以前球隊在回防時, 教練總會說”快跑! 別回頭, 到定點再休息”. 關於人生, 喘息點在哪兒? 我想就在滴水穿石之間!


less than 1 minute read

Vi用慣了, 那在shell也可以vi-style嗎? 答案是可以的!

The First SHA1 Collision

3 minute read

CWI Institute in Amsterdam and Google genrate two PDF documents with the same SHA-1 digest. Google security blog - Announcing the first SHA1 collision

滴水穿石 - 新章

1 minute read

以前球隊在回防時, 教練總會說”快跑! 別回頭, 到定點再休息”. 關於人生, 喘息點在哪兒? 我想就在滴水穿石之間!



Firefox is Really Slow

less than 1 minute read

Firefox is extremely slow on my system, include menu, right-click, tab opening…etc. Mozilla Firefox 40.0 Xubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit Linux 3.16.0-45-generic #6...

Install LaTeX on Ubuntu 14.04

1 minute read

This is a How-To article that include installation and compile LaTeX file to PDF using Texmaker, Sublime Text 3, and Vim.


Baking 2014

less than 1 minute read

原味戚風蛋糕(Chiffon Cake)

Raspberry Pi Monitor

less than 1 minute read

Use RRDTool monitor Raspberry Pi, include CPU temperture, Memory usage, Disk I/O, Network I/O…


Building MOC

1 minute read

clone MOC svn repository to github Ref: Converting a Subversion repository to Git

Raspberry Pi Setup

4 minute read

Install Raspbian “wheezy” image Download image from Raspberry Pi offical website

Nginx Error - 413 Request Entity Too Large

1 minute read

nginx version: nginx/1.1.19, OS: Ubuntu12.04 Default nginx accepted body size limitation is 1MB. You can add client_max_body_size in nginx.conf. This paramet...

AWS S3 Download Bucket Folder

less than 1 minute read

Currently, AWS web console not provide folder downloading. We can use s3cmd or s3Browser for this purpose. s3Browser is a freeware Windows client for S3 and ...

Web Micro Framework Battle

1 minute read

WSGI Micro Framworks 這陣子一直在找適合的Micro Framwork玩第一次的Web Application. 最後選擇用Bottle, 原因是:

Pandoc’s Markdown Reference

6 minute read

#### [2015-02-12]This article doesn't render properly since I switched from Google Blogger to Github Pages. I won't fix this problem. Pandoc實現了基本的Markdown語...


Baking 2012

less than 1 minute read

結束上份工作後, 不想閒著, 也就開始找新”玩具”, 做麵包好像滿有趣的, 又不用出門可以在家陪小朋友,於是爬了2~3天的文章,了解需要的東西. Google什麼是yeast(Active dry, Instant dry, Fresh)? 什麼是麵粉(高筋, 中筋, 低筋, 法國粉)? 什麼是麵糰(擴展, 完成...

How to split boot.img and get kernel config

less than 1 minute read

boot_cm9.img file from Device: Rikomagic MK802 Script files : , extract-ikconfig ( in {kernel_source}/scri...

XBMC for Android on MK802

less than 1 minute read

XBMC announced XBMC for Android. 不過並不打算放上Google Play, 需要自行compile及打包, 方法可參考: Build XBMC for Android on lubuntu 12.04

Android Threads, Handlers and AsyncTask

less than 1 minute read

先看過Processes and Threads會有比較清楚的概念, 當Adnroid Application 啟動後, 系統會建一個主要的thread 稱 “main thread” or “UI thread”, 所有的components 皆跑在這個UI thread, system calls 也是透過U...


less than 1 minute read

這次的Computex show 中Micorsofte主要是強打windows 8系統的 Ultrabook, Tablet , AIO(All in One) PC, 主要大廠ASUS, Acer, Compal, Gigabyte, MSI, Samsung …等都有展出, 除了這些來看看其它有趣的東西吧.