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Raspberry Pi Setup

4 minute read

Install Raspbian “wheezy” image Download image from Raspberry Pi offical website

Nginx Error - 413 Request Entity Too Large

1 minute read

nginx version: nginx/1.1.19, OS: Ubuntu12.04 Default nginx accepted body size limitation is 1MB. You can add client_max_body_size in nginx.conf. This paramet...

AWS S3 Download Bucket Folder

less than 1 minute read

Currently, AWS web console not provide folder downloading. We can use s3cmd or s3Browser for this purpose. s3Browser is a freeware Windows client for S3 and ...

Web Micro Framework Battle

1 minute read

WSGI Micro Framworks 這陣子一直在找適合的Micro Framwork玩第一次的Web Application. 最後選擇用Bottle, 原因是:

Pandoc’s Markdown Reference

6 minute read

#### [2015-02-12]This article doesn't render properly since I switched from Google Blogger to Github Pages. I won't fix this problem. Pandoc實現了基本的Markdown語...