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Vi用慣了, 那在shell也可以vi-style嗎? 答案是可以的!

The First SHA1 Collision

3 minute read

CWI Institute in Amsterdam and Google genrate two PDF documents with the same SHA-1 digest. Google security blog - Announcing the first SHA1 collision

滴水穿石 - 新章

1 minute read

以前球隊在回防時, 教練總會說”快跑! 別回頭, 到定點再休息”. 關於人生, 喘息點在哪兒? 我想就在滴水穿石之間!

Firefox is Really Slow

less than 1 minute read

Firefox is extremely slow on my system, include menu, right-click, tab opening…etc. Mozilla Firefox 40.0 Xubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit Linux 3.16.0-45-generic #6...