Sepolicy for Android Treble

A Note about sepolicy in Android Oreo.

First thing first

SELinux documents:

Android sepolicy files

Policy path:

  • /system/sepolicy
  • BOARD_SEPOLICY_DIR (device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/sepolicy/, device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/common/sepolicy/)

Policy Macros:

  • system/sepolicy/public/te_macros
  • system/sepolicy/public/global_macros
  • system/sepolicy/public/ioctl_macros
  • system/sepolicy/public/neverallow_macros
  • system/sepolicy/private/mls_macros
  • system/sepolicy/reqd_mask/mls_macros

Security Context:

  • file_contexts, labeling files infilesystem.
  • property_contexts, labeling android system/vendor properties
  • genfs_contexts, Pre-file labeling for /proc files, generic filesystem security contexts.
  • seapp_contexts, used by zygote and installd via libselinux, mapping app UID andseinfofor /data/data directory
  • hwservice_contexts, for hwservice manager to check
  • vndservice_contestx, for vndservice manager to check
  • service_contexts, for service manager to check

Type Enforcement

  • *.te

Composing Policy for Android trebel

  1. Add domains for a service

    Add security context depend on service type:

    • Hardware service
      Define service type in hwservice.te

      type vnd_foo_hwservice, hwservice_manager_type;

    Labeling hwservice in hwservice_contexts     u:object_r:vnd_foo_hwservice:s0
    • Vendor service

    Define service type in vndservice.te

     type  foo_service,  vndservice_manager_type;

    Labeling vndservice in vndservice_contexts

     fooservice  u:object_r:foo_service:s0
    • System service

    Define service type in service.te

     type foo_service,                 service_manager_type;

    Labeling system service in service_contexts

     fooservice  u:object_r:foo_service:s0
  2. Add domain and type enforcement configuration

    Create new foo.te file

    Define service doamin and file attributes

     type foo, domain;
     type foo_exec, exec_type, vendor_file_type, file_type;
  3. Add file security context in file_contexts

     /vendor/bin/foo  u:object_r:foo_exec:s0

Building policy files

There are typically seven SELinux related files under an Android device (see more details here):

  • selinux_version
  • sepolicy: binary output after combining policy files (security_classes, initial_sids, *.te, etc)
  • file_contexts
  • property_contexts
  • seapp_contexts
  • service_contexts
  • system/etc/mac_permissions.xml

Building file_contexts.bin

find file_contexts in /system/sepolicy and BOARD_SEPOLICY_DIR

output files:

binary file:

install to root/file_contexts.bin

Building policy configuration

find security_classes, initial_sids, *.te, genfs_contexts, and port_contexts in /system/sepolicy and BOARD_SEPOLICY_DIR

configure file:

install to /root/sepolicy



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